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A1 - The Fairbanks House book
$ 15.00
The Fairbanks House history by Abbott Lowell Cummings. The definitive work on the Fairbanks House's architectural past. Paperback, published in 2002. 110 pages.
A2 - Fairbanks Genealogy, to 1897
$ 140.00
L. S. Fairbanks family history, covers the descendants to 1897. Hard Cover. 867 Pages
A3 - Fairbanks Genealogy CD
$ 75.00
CD covers the Fairbanks Family genealogy from 1637 to the early 2000's.
A4 - Homestead Hearth, cookbook
$ 14.00
Homestead Hearth - a cookbook of favorite recipes gathered by Fairbanks cousins. Spiral bound. 145 pages.
A5 - A Massachusetts Mystery, book
$ 18.00
A Massachusetts Mystery. Reprint of two 1801 books on Dedham's infamous Fairbanks/Fales murder case. Introduction by Fairbanks descendant Dale Freeman. Reprinted from originals in the collections of the Fairbanks House and the Dedham Historical Society.
A6 - Be There Then, book
$ 13.00
A guide to exploring Boston's historic house museums, by Elizabeth S. Levy Merrick